Thermoelectric generator

Thermoelectric generators turn heat energy into electrical energy. The larger the temperature difference between the top and bottom sides of the module, the more electricity is produced.

Thermoelectric generators are known for their extremely reliable, solid state production of electricity. They are an old invention that has been used for decades in the aerospace industry. For example, Voyager 1, which was launched in 1977, has been powered by thermoelectric generators for over 40 years now.


Our products

We have stayed true to the thermoelectric generator’s natural high reliability by designing our products with:

  • Long-life electronics
  • Robust mechanical parts
  • No moving parts

Two types of thermoelectric generator systems:

  • Heat2Power BIG – battery-replacing power for district heating and cooling applications
  • Heat2Power IoT  microgeneration for sensors and microelectronics (in final stages of development) 

Heat2Power BIG

Technical Features

  •  IP67 and harsh environment protected
  •  15-30+ year life
  • Temperature resistance up to 450°C
  • Easy connectivity to a broad range of devices
  •  Output voltage, selectable 5V/7V/9V/12V
  • 7Wh high reliability backup power
  • 8-18 minute installation


  • LOWER OPERATIONAL COSTS. Negates battery related supervision, storage, labour, new battery and travel costs
  • HIGHER DATA RATE. Freedom to vary sampling rate according to the needs of the application
  • REPLACES MAINS POWER. With a 40°C temperature difference Heat2Power BIG produces at least 300Wh annually 

Power output

  • District heating chamber in Finland, min. 30°C temperature difference – 180Wh or 3 laptop batteries worth of electricity every year
  • Hot water pipe in an energy plant, 60°C temperature difference  – 700Wh or 12 laptop batteries worth of electricity every year
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